multidisciplinary artist

Alain Francoeur

Born in Shawinigan, Canada, Alain is a self-taught artist and an autodidact. At a very young age, he was already drawn to the arts. His art teacher had noticed his talent for the arts and he was encouraged by his dad to pursue his love of arts.

Alain loves to learn and discover new things. He is always creating something whether it is writing, drawing, painting, carpentry, or photography. In the past, Alain created many artworks using paint and carpentry but recently, he has created many artworks through Photoshop. His digital artworks have gained great following and received rave reviews on social media.

Whatever he does, his unique style always makes him stands out from the crowd but most importantly, he always manages to steer clear of conventions and trends as he create his own path.

The best way to describe Alain when it comes to his arts is, “as an artist, I am motivated to create. When I’m inspired, I create. And when I am not inspired, I also create.”.

To Alain, he believes he has the best job in the world! “As an artist you sell love to your clients. They buy because they love your work or what your work represents.” The nicest thing a critic has said to him was “Alain I wish I could spend a day inside your head.” For him, a good comment is the best salary anyone can pay him.


Alain Francoeur is the creator of the digital artworks you see on this site.
He came from a background of using paint brushes but he taught himself Photoshop. Now it’s his tool of choice and the stylus pen is his dance partner. His approach is to combine different elements and colors into one cohesive piece until the artwork talks to him.
His digital artwork is now available in beautiful and functional products. All of the products on the site are made with love from Canada.


If you own a retail store and you would like to sell some of Alain’s products or
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